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List of instructions available here

A quick list of the instructions for obstacles we have here: Pause table Broad jump Weave poles (channel, adjustable) Ladder Bar jump – more jump cups here and here Octagon hoop jump

Alternatives for Jump Cups

Related posts: Bar Jump or Hurdle; Adjustable Jump Cups. PAPER BINDER CLIPS: (Pam) One of my favorite ‘jump cups’ for home use are paper binder clips. Just go into an office supply store and purchase binder clips for paper. I put the plastic part around the pvc upright and the metal part straight in front […]

Plastic Pause Table

The pause table is a big challenge for a dog zooming through an agility course. The dog has to climb onto the table and sit or lie down for five seconds, the antithesis to the speed required in the rest of the course. Assembling a pause table like we’ve built here will take four to […]

Tunnels & Chutes

We won’t be building tunnels or chutes here at Instant Agility.Here then are the results of my researching in looking for the least expensive: Affordable Agility ( has tunnels, barrels, and chutes. Their competition-quality items are the cheapest I have found on the internet. They also have “practice” versions, which are not as sturdy. I […]

Broad Jump

The broad jump will give your dog an opportunity to jump a distance hori cialis price uk zontally rather than the vertical challenge offered by normal hurdles, as Kipp shows us above. We’ve created a jump with lower boards at either end with a raised center (this allows us to run the dogs in either […]

Adjustable “Channel” Weave Poles

Weave poles are great fun for your dog (as Tess demonstrates), but they do take a bit of training. These adjustable poles make that training easy–start with them open, allowing your dog to run down the center “channel,” and slowly narrow that over time until your dog is weaving through the poles. We are going […]

Obstacle Training: Weave poles

There are lots of ways to train the weave poles. What we have here are channel weaves. You start out with the weaves wide open and run the dog down the middle. Then you gradually close them until eventually your dog is doing them all lined up. cialis online without prescription You will want to […]

Footwork Ladder with Side Rails

This ladder is useful for teaching your dog to cheap viagra online mind their back feet–and is a fun obstacle in-and-of-itself. You can build it with or without side rails (which are helpful if your dog is what is technically known as a “cheater pants”). With side rails as shown, the ladder will take about […]

Obstacle Training: The ladder

The ladder is useful for teaching your dog to notice where they are putting their back feet. This is good to do before they get on the dogwalk or teeter. To get your dog to go over the ladder, just drop treats between the rungs. My dogs, after a fe viagra canadian pharmacy w trips […]

Bar Jump or Hurdle

This is the most basic of agility obstacles. It’s easy to make, cheap viagra will only take you about an hour and will cost about $12 in materials. You will need two adjustable jump cups in addition to the materials listed below for every jump bar on your hurdle.