Alternatives for Jump Cups

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PAPER BINDER CLIPS: (Pam) One of my favorite ‘jump cups’ for home use are paper binder clips. Just go into an office supply store and purchase binder clips for paper. I put the plastic part around the pvc upright and the metal part straight in front to hold the bar. What size clips you use will depend upon the size of your pvc.
VELCRO: (Pam) I’ve also seen people put the loop part of sticky Velcro (use craft or industrial strength) on the pvc uprights. The hook side is on the bar. This is worth it for a dog who needs to move to height in very slow increments.

Dura 3/4″ Snap Clamp: (Mike) Save yourself a lot of time. Just google “Dura 3/4″ Snap Clamp” the actual part number you can google as well. That is 463-007. It is the same part number with Dura and Spears. Just cut it in half and snap it on you pvc pipe. One snap clamp makes 2 cups ready to use in about 10 seconds. Cost is about .60 cents for two!

TEE CONNECTOR AND RUBBER BAND: (Andrew Geffert) Try this: Cut a Tee connector in half, and use a rubber band to keep it in place. The Tee connector should be the next size up from your verticle pipe size. If you are working with 1/2″ PVC, us a 3/4″ Tee connector. The next bigger size will slip over uprights. To get it to stay, first put a rubber band around the upright so the half tee rests around the rubber band. The half round will then hold the cross bar.

BUY ONLINE: (Carol) Try this site for the saddle clips:

SHOWER CURTAIN ROD HOLDER: (Suzanne) I went to Lowes, Valu and Home Depot looking for something that could reasonably substitute for them. A really helpful Home Depot worker helped me discover that 1/2 of a shower curtain rod holder holds 1″ pipe perfectly. I had to purchase 2 for each jump because the other end is a complete circle and I wanted the bar to easily fall away if she hit it while going over.

MYSTERY ITEMS (photo below): (Wendy) I was still able to make the jump cups, but I had to improvise by adding another piece. I’m not sure what it is called, but here is a picture. The piece is threaded on one end, which I screwed into the saddle. The other end fits 1″ pipe, so I inserted the “cup” piece of pvc into this end. It works well, but I ended up having to cut my jump bar a little shorter, so it would fit on the improvised jump cups.


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i couldent find a saddle piece, in NY its aganst building code, so no one carried it. in stead i got a T connecter, cut it in half at the mold line so i had two simetricale parts, so now you have a small nub tube with a half cut open one hanging off the side, you then cut about 1\4 off the back off the complete tube making it open *cut directly opposite the half open nub* this will form a saddle and you can sap on of off and slides just the right amount. FYI BTW P.S the connecter should be the same diameter as your up right

Another idea. Pipe clips (the correct diameter for the pipe) with holes cut for bolts. Cut a short length of bamboo just long enough to cover the bolt with a nut on the end. Thread the bolt through the centre of the bamboo and affix the bolt. Slid the pipe clip onto the pipe and if required finish the bamboo off with tape the same colour as the jumps. These are nice and stable, fully adjustable but will come apart if excessive force is applies. Also makes the jump nice and easy to move.

I have a question about the Dura Snap parts. That seems like the best solution for jump cups. But the part is 3/4″. Will these snap onto (and stay on) the 1″ vertical uprights on my jumps?

We my husband built ours we just took a pvc cap and cut it in half. and used the two halves for the cups

Another idea is that I used Snap “T” threaded pieces to fit around the uprights of the jump and then purchased adapters that are threaded as well to fit in the Tee pieces. I then cut the piece the same way that it said to cut the pipe to fit in the saddle piece. It was very simple and i like how if i really wanted to I don’t have to glue the adapters into the Tee.

I used the 1″ clip on saddle with 3/4″ threaded branch fitting like you show, but just cut the branch in half and used a Dremel to sand out the threads. Then use a 3/4″ PVC jump bar and it fits right in the cup. I have photos if you would like to see them.