Bar Jump or Hurdle

kipp over jump

This is the most basic of agility obstacles. It’s easy to make,

will only take you about an hour and will cost about $12 in materials. You will need two adjustable jump cups in addition to the materials listed below for every jump bar on your hurdle.


You will need a PVC cutting tool, measuring tape, and a Sharpie or similar marking tool. In addition, you will need paper towels for cleaning glue joints.


Below are the pre-cut pieces, ready to be assembled. The straight pieces of 1″ pipe are less than 14 feet in total length, which means you’ll need two 10 foot pieces of pipe to construct one jump, or three pieces to construct two jumps (in which case you need to double the connectors shown below). In addition, you will need a 4′ section of ¾” pipe for every jump bar.

Jump materials

The parts you’ll need (all 1″ diameter pipe and appropriate connectors except as noted):

1 slip end caps (6)
2 slip “T” connectors (4)
3 12″ pipe feet (4)
4 30″ pipe uprights (2)
5 1¾” pipe stubs to join “T” connectors (2)
6 50″ pipe lower cross bar (1)
7 48″ pipe jump bar, ¾” diameter (1)

Note: You can have as many jump bars as you like, of course, just clip them on.


Please see the tips page for general hints on cutting and assembling PVC pipe. Look for the red glue symbols in the photos to show the freshly glued joints in each step.

jump assembly

Start by gluing four end caps 1 to the four feet 3.

jump assembly

Glue the feet into two of the “T” connectors 2.

jump assembly

Glue the stubs 5 into the foot assemblies.

jump assembly

Set aside the feet and glue the two remaining “T” connectors 2 to the 50″ cross bar 6. It is important that these two connectors be coplanar. Glue one first and let it set, then glue the other in place ensuring that both connectors are flat on your work surface as shown.

jump assembly

Glue one foot to the cross-bar. You can eyeball this pretty easily, let the corners of your work surface guide you as you twist the foot into place.

jump assembly

Repeat the process for the other foot.

jump assembly

Glue the two remaining end caps 1 to the two uprights 4.

jump assembly

Finally, glue the uprights into the base assembly. Assuming you’ve made your adjustable jump cups, you’re done!

jump assumbly

You can see that the jump cups just clip right onto the upright.

finished jump

The finished jump. I used an old cross bar salvaged from a previous adventure which was stored in such a way that it has a slight warp to it, in case you notice a bend in it. Use colored electrical tape to provide contrasting stripes on the jump bar to help your dog see it; this bar would benefit from another stripe in the center. You can also use the tape on your uprights to help them stand out.

Alternative Designs

You can make the jump bar height permanent by cutting the uprights and inserting modified “T” connectors to hold the jump bar, as described in the “jump cup” post. You can leave pieces unglued to aid storage, though I would always glue the “T” connectors to the cross bar, that is where most of the strength of this obstacle resides.

You could use your Sharpie to add reference marks to the uprights for easily setting the jump bar at particular height(s).

To make a jump with more than one jump bar, just add a couple of clips and another bar.

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Reader Comments

This site is great!!! We just finished assembling 3 jumps last night. I can believe how fast we got them done. You’re instructions were very easy to follow and the pictures you provided were an invaluable resource not only for assembly, but during shopping as well.
Thank you so much for taking the time to put all this together!

We’re glad you had a good time and that the site was helpful. I hope to keep adding items a few times a month, though don’t hold me to it!

THANKS VERY MUCH … thios is the agility dream come true 🙂
PVC shop here i go

Wow, you guys are thorough! Best plans and explicit details I’ve found on the internet for agility gear. I look forward to more!

I’m going to get started this weekend building my first jumps!
My aussies will appreciate your work.

I really think this is an awesome thing you’ve done here. Just a quick question. Did you make the jump cup clips,or can you buy them?

Oh geez do i feel stupid, just found the part for adjustable jump cups!!! sorry

I decided to not glue the feet into place at all. This way, the jump breaks down for easy transport (there is a park near my house with lots more room than my backyard, and I wanted to be able to take my dogs there!). I’ve found it to be plenty sturdy enough, and it is still easy to assemble :).

I love this site. we have 5 nice jumps now……we had no idea how to make them, now are dog is competing all becuase of this site.The pictures are really nice and the intrustions are the best! .=D

I just finished making 4 jumps this afternoon. What excellent instructions and great-looking jumps! I used a saw and mitre box to cut and everything went very smoothly and quickly. Best advice: it’s only pipe. Once I stopped trying to figure if it was better to cut one 30″ piece or two 12″ pieces out of a remaining piece of pipe, I had fun and got them all done without even a “darn it”! Thank you!!!!

i can’t wait to get started making this with my dad!

Fantastic!!!! Your instructions and photos save so much time. I have tried to figure out measurements and here they are. Saved a ton of time. Great job! I will link to this site from mine as soon as it is finished.

Nice Jumps… will be making three more to add to our three collection… 6 jumps!

I love your website. I have just started in agility, but can’t afford the stuff. Keep up the good work!

i am compiling a list of where to find DYI agility equipment. these are the best and most detailed plans that i have ever seen! kudos to you guys!!

Thanks so much!! Saved me lots of $$ buying agility equipment… wanted to use PVC pipes or something similar but didn’t know how to do it… your website saved me! Can’t wait to try it out with the pooch!

Thank you so much! Your steps were so easy and it took no time at all to put together the jump. I can’t wait to build more jumps for my dog clutch! I am now working on the weave poles so I’ll see how I do. Thank you again…

This site is AMAZING! My Labrador Retriever loves her jumps we made. A few days ago, we built 3 jumps for her. We may start in competitions soon. Thank you so much!

Your site is great, the photos are very clear. But I went to Lowes and Home Depot for the “snap Saddle Clips” and neither had them in plumbing nor irrigation departments. Where else can I find these?

Hi Susan, sorry to hear about Home Depot not carrying the saddle. Some folks have left alternatives in the “jump cups” article, or if you’re willing to wait, there are places to buy online, just google “PVC snap saddle”. Next time I’m by a Home Depot I’ve see if they’re at my local one or if they’ve just disappeared.

Love this design. Glad we found the site. Took me maybe 1hr to make 2 jumps. Table saw made clean and quick work of all the cuts!

Now need to do all the other designs soon

This is so great! I have been wanting to build agility equipment for my dogs for so long, and you made it so simple! I built my first pieces yesterday (2 bar jumps.) The only frustrating thing is that I cannot find the 1″ snap on saddles anywhere. So I still can’t put the bar on my jumps. It’s a bummer but I’m still so excited that I’m already looking at building the weave poles next! If you get a chance sometime, I would love to have plans to build a tire jump. Thanks again!

Made three jumps over Christmas. Directions are great even for me who never did anything like this. I too couldn’t find the snap saddles so I found some reasonably priced jump cups on ebay. Actually they look like someone sliced a snap saddle in half. They are not cut down Ts. They work great, easy on & easy off.

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Try this site for the saddle clips:

I just finished the weave poles and off to theHome Improvement store for more PVC parts !!!!

next… who knows

Glad to hear the plans are useful. 🙂 Have fun!

I’m really excited to get these made! Ive always wanted to do agility with my 1yr old black German shepherd, Justice, and recently got three new puppies- half German shepherd half siberian husky mix (Simba, Onyx, and Balto). I also have a white German shepherd named Jake, but he’s older.

Anyway, Ive dont have any agility exsperiance but cant wait to start training! I have a few ideas of how to teach them, but am not planning on entering contests.

Thanks for the info! [I’ll come back and tell you how it goes :D]

Thanks so much for this website! I was easily able to follow your directions to put together the jump for my very energetic boxer. If she ends up liking it, I’m sure I’ll be trying some of the others!

That jump looks great! And your dog is cute. 🙂 If you make a few different things, she might find the variety interesting. Don’t forget to try a variety of rewards. My dogs are ho-hum about the agility practice if I use food. If I bring out the rabbit fur tug toy they go completely bananas, doing all the obstacles on their own and racing around like freaks. 🙂

Very easy directions for the bar jump, but after making 3 with the 1″ PVC I switched to 3/4″ because it is so much easier to cut and the components are all much cheaper than the 1″. The jumps are just fine for practice. Cost me about $6 per jump total.

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I just built 2 jumps using your instructions and am so excited. I posted photos on my Facebook page

It was SOO easy. Thank you!

I have Bassets and a Basset-mix who is learning agility. Haven’t got the jump cup clips figured out yet. I can’t find paper binder clips big enough, but I rigged something up for today and then will order the next ones.

found the saddle clips at Lowes here in Belmont, NC. 68 cents each.

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Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I just started doing agility with my pug mix and didn’t want to spend $100+ on a commercial jump. You are awesome! Dog bless you 😀

I love the plans. Everything seems so easy. Unfortunately I can’t find any 1″ pipe? Maybe it’s because I live in canada, and the standard stuff is different?? But all I can find is central vaccum (2″ stuff), of the black ABS pipe (at the smallest is 1 1/4 on the inside).
And it’s SO much more expensive then what you’re saying!
What is this 1″ PVC pipe normally used for? Maybe that will help me find it in the store?
I’ll try Lowes too, now that it’s in Canada 😉
Thanks for the help!!

I think it is usually used for plumbing. At least, I find PVC stuff in the plumbing area of my local hardware store. It might be that the standards where you live are for 2-inch pipe and not the 1-inch stuff. If you go to Lowes and can’t find it, try asking someone in the plumbing department and describe what you want to use it for. They might be able to suggest an alternative (or an alternative store to try).

Built the entire jump, unfortunately I can’t find the necessary supplies for jump cups. I’ve looked at the alternatives and, unfortunately, I think I might just give in and buy some because binder clips don’t come large enough for the 1″ PVC (at least not at any stores I’ve gone to).

It also appears that I either didn’t push things in quite right or the jump cups take up a lot of room because my 4′ jump pole barely goes the length of the jump. I will just have to buy more and have a bit longer of a practice jump.

Even without the jump cups and smaller bar it can still be used as a cavaletti and my dog and I have been practicing that way. We’re just beginning so she doesn’t need height.

[…] are made from both 1" and 3/4" PVC.. Here are the instructions I used to make jumps.. Instant Agility Bar Jump or Hurdle They will mention jump cups and I wasn't able to find anything similar in the store so I modified […]

Amazing idea, thanks so much i cant wait to build it for my dog!

Well I also couldn’t find the saddle piece but instead used Snap “T” threaded pieces to fit around the uprights of the jump and then purchased adapters that are threaded as well to fit in the Tee pieces. I then cut the piece the same way that it said to cut the pipe to fit in the saddle piece. It was very simple and i like how if i really wanted to I don’t have to glue the adapters into the Tee.

Fantastic site! I live in Canada and our prices are rather absurd for building materials. I went to Home Depot this morning for PVC but they were asking $15 per ten foot length of the plumbing grade stuff so I went down to the electrical section and found the PVC conduit in grey that only cost $7 per ten foot run. the joints, caps and elbows all fit the conduit and the rigidity was the same. For jump cups, I found some wire hangers and bent the metal to create clip on cups with just the right depth.

THANKS – took me about 30 minutes to build and less than 20 minute to teach my pup what to do! Lots of fun for her – thank you.

Great directions! Finished the jump in about 5 – 10 minutes. I will be donating it to a local shelter. Dogs should have a blast!

Great jump design. I often build things with electrical conduit pipes and our dog took only two goes to understand how to jump. Thanks. Dave D Sydney Australia