Obstacle Training: The hoop or tire jump

Once your dog will jump over something, it is easier to get them to jump through the hoop, so teach the bar jump first.

Lower your tire or hoop all the way to the ground. You can’t do this with the hoop jumps described here, but you can make very

short supports and have several heights so you can gradually work up to full height. Make it very easy at first.

Get your dog to walk through the hoop, and give your command as the dog goes through, then reward. This is a very good time to use a toy as a reward – you can throw it so your dog will go through the hoop after it. Raise the hoop or tire a little bit at a time, and soon your dog will be going through it at the regular height. Do not reward your dog if he goes under the hoop instead of through. Just say “oops!” and try again.


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