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Bar Jump or Hurdle

This is the most basic of agility obstacles. It’s easy to make, cheap viagra will only take you about an hour and will cost about $12 in materials. You will need two adjustable jump cups in addition to the materials listed below for every jump bar on your hurdle.

Obstacle Training: Bar Jump

This is the easiest of all obstacles to train. You just put your dog on leash and lead them over, then reward. A piece of cake! Here are tips from Tess & Kipp: Start low, so your dog does not cheat and go under it. Use a vari mail order viagra in uk ety of […]

Adjustable Jump Cups

Adjustable cups for holding cross-bars make constructing standard ju viagra pill mping obstacles a piece of cake. The secret to our cups is to raid the do-it-yourself irrigation section at Home Depot. Each cup will take just a few minutes to make and cost about $1.

Octagon Jumping Hoop

Look at that smile! This sturdy octagon jumping hoop is simple to make and will take you about two hours to assemble. Material costs will be around $20 per hoop.

Obstacle Training: The hoop or tire jump

Once your dog will jump over something, it is easier to get them to jump through the hoop, so teach the bar jump first. Lower your tire or hoop all the way to the ground. You can’t do this with the hoop jumps described here, but you can make very uk viagra online short supports […]